Business partners are a critical part of TecBrains and our customers' success.

iT ThinkTanks

TecBrains works closely with our customers to understand their changing needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. Some of our best ideas have come from our customers! When customer need dictates, we work through strategic partnerships to provide the necessary enhancements, thus leveraging the expertise of other industry leaders. Our alliance network offers a knowledge base as diverse as our customer's unique requirements. Our objective is to help you protect your investment.



Tecbrains,Inc Automotive industry solutions accelerate innovation, improve quality and reduce product development times. Our services help you achieve IT objectives while reducing costs, allowing you to focus on strategic objectives and new initiatives.


Tecbrains,Inc delivers business solutions to global telecommunication players offering services in Wireline, Wireless and Cable & Broadband segments. We help you transform legacy systems and processes and profitably launch new converged services.


Tecbrains,Inc delivers comprehensive IT services and business solutions for retailers, helping them save working capital, reduce inventory and develop customer-centric metrics to boost sales and minimize lost sales.

Pharmacy and Health Care

In a marketplace where innovation meets regulation, and speed to market can be significantly slowed by disjointed processes and technological systems, HatchIT strives to help companies become better informed, integrated, holistic and highly proactive.


Tecbrains,Inc takes charge of the IT needs of the entire enterprise. The gamut of services extends from Enterprise Application Services (CRM, ERP, e-Procurement and SCM), to e-Business solutions.

We empower clients to grow their businesses based on the effective use of technology

We can evaluate, design and execute the right technology strategies that will help your business operate at peak performance.

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